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Window Tinting Prep Information

Learn what to do before and after installation.

Automotive Film

Before Installation

Wash Your Vehicle

For the best window film application result, we recommend that you have your vehicle washed on the inside and out.

Remove Car Seats

Remove all car seat restraint systems.

Remove Personal Valuables

Remove all of your personal valuables from the inside of your vehicle.

Arrive Early

For window film material and shade selection that will best fit your needs, we recommend arriving 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to review your choices.

After Installation

Keep Windows Up

Do not roll down your windows for three days after your window film application has been completed.

Do Not Wash Interior Side of Glass

Do not wash or rub the interior side of glass where the film is applied for the required seven-day period of drying time. During this time, lots of sunshine is the fastest curing solution.

Drying Period Appearance

Throughout the duration of the seven-day drying period, your window film will go through many changes. Sometimes, you may see a haziness or spotty drying appearance when viewing the treated glass from the exterior and sometimes the interior of your vehicle.

Residential & Commercial Film

Before Installation

Clear the Area

We ask our clients to clear the area where the window film application will be performed before we arrive. We ask that the client remove any furniture, valuables and electronics from the area of installation. Our installer(s) need to have at least 3 feet of work area in order to get close to the glass with room for a ladder or step stool if necessary. Specialty (custom) window coverings (i.e. cloth and silhouettes) and custom drapery treatments will need to be removed prior to the installation as well.

Review & Cleaning

Once we arrive at your home or office, our installer(s) will review the area(s) to be treated. The installer(s) will use a drop cloth to cover the floor which manages over spray and drippings, then proceed to clean each piece of glass using a biodegradable soapy water solution that does not stain window areas or paint. The installer(s) will proceed to scrape the glass with a razor blade and squeegee from edge to edge for maximum particle removal results.

Film Installation

After each piece of glass has been properly cleaned, the installer(s) will wet the glass with the solution and proceed to apply the pre-cut window film to your glass. Once the window film has been applied, the installer(s) will then squeegee out the water, working from the middle of the glass out and down, securing the window film to the glass. The installer(s) will then complete a final trim if necessary, and finish by cleaning each piece of glass after each individual application has been completed. The installer(s) will then wipe down any over spray that may have occurred while preparing and installing your window film.

After Installation

Clean the Interior Side

Once the film has been applied to your glass and the proper drying time has been allowed, (which is 30 days from the initial application) you can safely clean the interior side of your glass where the film has been installed.

Use Non-Abrasive Cloth

When cleaning your treated glass, you must use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or a paper towel.

Cleaning Solution

You may use a mild soap and water solution, standard glass cleaner, or an ammonia-free foam glass cleaning product which is available for purchase at our store.

Drying Period Appearance

After your film has been applied to your glass, it may have a wave-like or milky appearance to it. This will dissipate over a period of 30 to 90 days for drying time, and the adhesive will pull the moisture out to form a lifetime bond to your glass.

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