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Commercial Window Film Solutions for Fresno Businesses

In the Fresno/Clovis heat, keeping any commercial facility cool, whether it’s an apartment building, office building, retail store, or any other property, can be costly, sending your utility bills out of control and affecting your bottom line. On average, 40% of a commercial building’s cooling requirements are due to solar heat gain.

tinted commercial windows

LLumar and Vista Commercial Window Tinting

U.S. Tint Service in Fresno comes to the rescue with our full line of LLumar and Vista commercial window tinting solutions. Our solar window film for businesses is a retrofit product installed directly to the interior side of the glass. It helps correct temperature imbalances between hot and cold areas. It also blocks 67% of glare to reduce eye strain that is common while doing paperwork or viewing computer screens. With commercial window tint, employees are more comfortable and more productive!

Benefits of Commercial Window Film

Solar window film can reject up to 82% of incoming solar energy, cutting your power bills by up to 15%. In fact, most companies see a complete payback within three years. And because LLumar and Vista window films are LEED-certified, even bigger cost savings may be available to those companies that are eligible.

In addition, commercial window film cuts 99% of ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which reduces the fading of interiors and furnishings to allow them to last longer – a small investment to protect your big investments!

From the inside, commercial window film has a pleasant, glare- and distortion-free view. From the outside, it offers a uniform appearance that complements a building’s design. Window film for businesses is available in a range of solar or designer shades, including neutral. Advanced scratch-resistant coatings keep the film looking as new as the day it was installed. LLumar and Vista assures carefree maintenance with the most conventional methods of window cleaning.

Commercial window film can help hold broken window glass in place in the event of a storm or any other natural or man-made disaster, protecting your employees or tenants against flying shards of glass. And because LLumar and Vista window tint is highly durable, it’s almost impossible for thieves or vandals to break through, adding an extra level of protection for your business.

All LLumar and Vista commercial window films installed by trained dealers like U.S. Tint in accordance with factory procedures carry the manufacturer’s warranty for film and labor. U.S. Tint can provide you with technical information and warranty details.

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